Yamato Scientific was originally founded in 1889 as ʻSosuke Morikawa & Companyʼ which focused on the production and sale of medical glassware, in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Since then, the company has grown vastly to include industrial devices and is a distributor of the most advanced scientific and laboratory instruments available today. 

PS Solutions & Services carries the entire range of Yamato Scientific Products and can provide innovative solutions to your scientifc equipment requirements. 

Oven DNE, DKG, DKN, DES, DTS, DF, DH and DX Series
Muffle Furnace FO Series
Plasma Cleaner PDC610
Plasma Cleaner V Series
Incubator INE800 and IN Series
Incubator IQ822
Autostill WG and WL Series
Water Bath BK and BA Series
Autoclave SN and SQ Series
Neocool Circulator CF Series
Rotary Evaporator RE301
Shaker SA Series
Spray Dryer ADL Series