Wafermasters Rapid Thermal Processors and Metrology Products

WaferMasters, Inc.  system is designed based on a resistively heated, single wafer furnace technology to address conventional batch furnace thermal applications as well as RTP applications up to 1150°C.

The system provides excellent process repeatability and stability at a minimum cost of ownership. Various features available to handle different cleaning requirements

Metrology Products

OSP-300 (Optical Surface Profilometry) for wafer surface profiling, wafer bow, warpage, local distortion, stress, strain etc. Can be used to predict potential wafer breakage during manufacturing steps.


MRS-300 (Multi-wavelength Raman Spectroscopy) lattice level crystal stress/strain mapping.

To predict poor device performance before electrical test through stress/strain measurement by Raman signal.

These metrology tools can provide additional insights into material properties and the effect of individual and/or a series of process steps onto wafers.