ITS Cleaning Sheets For Probe Cards & Test Sockets

Engineered materials SPECIFICALLY developed for probe card cleaning applications (on-line and off-line).

Probe Clean™

•Non-abrasive debris collection.
•Applicable for all probe types.

Probe Polish™

•Light polishing with loose &

  bonded debris collection.

•Applicable for flat, radius, semi-radius tips and all vertical technologies.

Probe Scrub™

•Light contact surface abrasion with debris collection
•Applicable for flat tip probes at ambient and elevated temperature.

Probe Lap™

Precision lapping film specifically designed for probe needle cleaning

Probe Form™

•Used off-line to attain shaped Probe Tips.

•Probe Card life extension.

Test Cell Conditioner (TCC)

•Debris removal at package test.

•Polymer material actuated into contact with the spring pins to remove and collect debris.